Fourbirdsaboating Pacific Ocean Row Selection Day 2013

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On Saturday 28th September 2013, all girl team Fourbirdsaboating will host their team selection day, followed by a PechaKucha event, at Leander Club, Henley-On-Thames.

Selection Day

Fourbirdsaboating are seeking two ordinary women to take part in an eight month world record breaking expedition across the Pacific Ocean from Monterey Bay, California to Cairns, Australia, setting off in May 2014, arriving around December 2014. The women do not need experience of rowing or previous expeditions as full training will be provided.

During the row, the women will broadcast live from their boat ‘Mr Toad’ to bring the oceans alive, especially for children who may have never seen the sea. The aim of the 7200 nautical mile row is to raise the profile of science, technology, engineering, and maths, and to provide FREE, online, environmental, STEM, and geography education to young people aged 5-25 years worldwide. The team will engage students in citizen science and encourage them to undertake professions in STEM focused roles. Using pioneering ‘live from the boat’ technology, Fourbirdsaboating will be the ‘eyes and ears’ of their young viewers. They aim to raise the confidence and self belief of young people by providing space for them to interact with the best scientists, sports people, and world leaders and to empower them through cultural exchange and communication with peers worldwide.

The team will promote the value and role of women in society through online interaction, interviews, and video footage of both men and women from around the globe, and in particular, the four ‘very ordinary female rowers.

The selection day will offer the chance to try out for a funded place on the Pacific Ocean expedition, and to row on the ‘Henley Royal Regatta’ course with some of Team GB’s finest rowers and sports professionals. The two selected ladies winning a place on the Fourbirdsaboating team will be announced at a special ‘PechaKucha event’ later in the day.

PechaKucha Event

PechaKucha is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The presentation format was devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture. The first PechaKucha night was held in Tokyo in their gallery/lounge/ bar/club/creative kitchen, SuperDeluxe, in February, 2003

Fourbirdsaboating will host Henley’s very first PechaKucha event, with 14 motivational speakers presenting on the theme of river and ocean rowing.

Corporate Sponsors, Media Partners, and Press

Fourbirdsaboating invite potential corporate sponsors, media partners and press to attend the PechaKucha event where there will be a FINAL CHANCE to support the Fourbirdsaboating ladies. Partners and sponsors will have their logos featured on the boat ‘Mr Toad’ for its natural life, offering the chance to receive media coverage for several ocean based expeditions, all providing STEM education to young people worldwide.

The boat will go on display at the London Boat Show, BETT Educational Technology Show, and Whalefest in Brighton in 2014.

Sponsorship packages range from £325 up to title sponsorship of £10,000.

For all bookings and enquiries, please contact Fourbirdsaboating Skipper Sarah Weldon:


Twitter: @4birdsaboating


To make a donation to the team or to become a corporate sponsor:


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